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Operations Guide for Laser Tattoo Removal Series


Laser Tattoo Removal Series

Operations Guide


  1, the beautician should establish the file before surgery by the surgeon for the customer file, asking whether the customer is more physical scars, the skin is replaced, whether allergic skin, cover the eyebrow or whether other methods previously washed with the eyebrow, tattoo, note see if there have scars, get rid of the color patterns in patients after that period of time may leave traces of pigmentation, which is the previous pattern of pigmentation marks caused by the sun after the sting, may again be a half months after the treatment. If the patient had permanent make up pigment chemical pigment or a composite pigment, due to pigment containing iron ions, lead ions, blue, there may be a light-colored melanin eliminate the mark and India, may again be a half months after the treatment. Ota for large tattoo or recommended treatments patch points so as to avoid excessive postoperative reaction, causing patient discomfort, while the use significantly compared before and after surgery to help patients build confidence and continue to adhere to treatment.

  2, according to the actual situation of the customer to select the appropriate treatment of head (1064nm wavelength optical head for remove blue, black, blue pigmentation; 532nm wavelength head used to get rid of red, coffee, brown pigmentation) and the dose required for the laser. Meanwhile, the beautician should patiently explain to customers the advantages of laser treatment to get customers to light and with heart and soul of the place.

  3, before surgery to clean the treatment area, treatment equipment be sanitized, such as making washing eyebrow treatment, patients are advised in the eyebrows scrape; then wipe clean the affected area with saline, wash lines of the tarsal plate and the medical block sterilized gauze to deal with; must be pointed out, the treatment must be guaranteed the absolute drying the affected area, not laser irradiation in water, the rapid decay of light energy otherwise seriously affect the treatment.

  4, the operator and the patient should be dressed in white or light-colored clothes, wear safety glasses corresponding wavelength, do not use mirrors or high optical instruments, to ensure clean operating room, indoor lighting levels should be large enough, the temperature at 18-38 ℃, should avoid non-laser treatment area.

  5, the operation should be avoided with watches and necklaces, bracelets bracelets and other jewelry can be laser reflection.

  II. In the surgery:

  1, the treatment, the operator holding the handle as much as possible with the laser treatment area to form a 90 degree angle to ensure that the laser perpendicular to the light, reducing the laser energy loss; washing eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line, the bare point should be superimposed to form a straight line shift; wash stains should be taken over a small area of sub-sub-treatments, each treatment of a small portion of the site do require bleeding phenomenon.

  2, due to transient high-energy laser irradiation, light skin color was immediately part of the pop-up body, deep tissue and partly within the arrangement to the skin evenly, so there are back after a short time pattern and color; treatment of pattern and color pattern layer deep tissue, due to the strong melanin absorption of laser energy, may produce local swelling, blisters, bleeding and even the formation of bleeding points, which belong to the organization's normal inflammatory response, local inflammation, while severity vary remission of inflammation may be itching touch of the organization, the organization issued a hard feeling. Generally, 3-7 days after all the bad feelings will go away, because of physical reasons individuals may last 1-3 months.

  3, the optical laser treatment factors should be considered; wavelength, spot size, energy density, irradiation angle

  Energy density = energy / spot area. Energy density greater ability to break the stronger the pigment; different wavelengths with different penetration depth of the skin, in the case of certain wavelengths, spot area is larger, the deeper the penetration of the skin.

  4, with the 1064nm laser treatment black and blue pigments, the color pattern in the treatment of deep tissue laminae, due to the strong melanin absorption of laser energy, the pigment may have a strong burst accompanied by strong noise. Shallow form of energy absorption by the pigment groups will burst the epidermis. A small number of people prone to thin cuticle bleeding point. Laser treatment of the first pass, then the organization will become very light color, but will be resumed after ten minutes, which is a normal reaction to the organization. Macrophage phagocytosis and transport functions will last a long time, during which the organization will gradually lighter color pattern, the proposed second treatment (in the first month and a half after treatment). Wash line for sensitive eyes prone to tears, tears which will absorb the laser effects are generally done twice.

  5, with 1064nm laser treatment of black and blue pigment, the hair after bleaching and may fall off, but will be within two weeks or so and re-grow new hair may temporarily be more dense than the original, will gradually become normal. Treatment area with bleeding, mild edema. Swelling and itching feeling there may be a touch stiff conditions may organized, these are the normal tissue reaction, all the bad feeling in the two weeks to completely disappear within a month or so, the length of time varies.

  6, using 532nm laser treatment of brown, red pigment, due to hemoglobin in human tissue have a certain wavelength of 532nm absorption, therefore, the pale skin surface after laser irradiation, epidermal necrosis and produce depigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

  7, using 532nm laser treatment of brown, red pigment, the skin capillaries absorb the 532nm laser and other organizations will occur after the formation of subcutaneous rupture of congestion, a "purpura" phenomenon, severe cases can lead to scarring, recovery time varies about 20 -60 days.

  8, in the treatment, the operator must ensure the operator's attention by the surgeon and protect, and laser eye injury is irreversible!

  * Patients must be given strict and effective eye protection. As with moist gauze or Houmian film occlusion, eyelid plate cover protection. The operator should be moist with gauze or Houmian chip block by the surgeon eye, wash line, our training must be skilled in operation after fingering wash line surgery! Such as the use of eyelid board, goggles protect the eye for surgery, the operation clinical experience should have the eye, when in the use of these devices do a good job to ensure the strict disinfection. If eye protection properly, by the surgeon, which would cause great discomfort, the light causes inflammation of the cornea, causing corneal weight loss and even blindness.

  * Laser safety glasses can not be completely protective direct the laser or by the glass, mirror, smooth metal surface reflection of the laser. Therefore strictly prohibited to wear protective glasses look the direct and reflected laser light.

  * Must not look directly at the end of a pistol aimed at the first port and any reflection of the laser beam!

  9, start with low-energy equipment operation began, enough energy can be gradually sliding scale, but to ask the customer's experience, if not satisfied after one treatment operation can be repeated.

  III. After surgery:

  (A) post-operative care

  1, prohibits the bleeding at the Miaomei;

  2, prohibited within 48 hours after washing;

  3, good sunscreen;

  4,3-7 days of not eating spicy food spicy, ban alcohol and tobacco;

  5, in case of more bleeding, swelling, severe sensitivity to customers, we recommend postoperative oral antibiotics in medicines (Acetylspiramycin), recovery (after 72 hours) topical erythromycin ointment affected area to help the healing can also wipe the retrieval solution repair.

  (B) to achieve a better treatment results were as follows: mild redness, slight bleeding

  IV. The crowd taboo

  1, pregnant women, high blood pressure, heart disease, severe;

  2, the physical scars of the population (some permanent make guests can wash);

  3, birthmarks and moles were higher than the skin;

  V. Get rid of the difficulty of the determinants of pigmentation:

  1, the pigment is divided into: plant pigment, composite pigment, chemical pigment.

  Eliminate the difficulty from easy to difficult, often complex colors and chemical pigment containing iron, lead, minerals, easy to calm the skin deep, permanent make up pigment texture, good or bad makes it difficult directly to the treatment;

  2, embroidery techniques: shallow and deep dermal pigment easily get rid of the pigment layer of the treatment of a certain difficulty;

  3, human physical differences. These include age, skin, body immunity and other factors;

  4, the operation means is correct;

  5, the level of energy equipment;

  6, the initial treatment of pigments eliminate the effect is obvious, eliminate the effect of re-treatment reduced pigment.

  VII The installation:

  1, the installation of laser operating handle

  2, water: to ensure that equipment without the required seepage leakage cases connected to the power and foot pedal.

  ①water for the instrument, can only clean water or medical distilled water (preferably cold water), prohibited from adding additional water to avoid equipment damage.

  ②water on each instrument, should be added to the highest water level. Best run in the machine and then a second in standby mode to the maximum water level and water, remember water use.

  ③machines in use during the 15-20 days to replace the water once, and changing the water left in the tank should be the last place the net in the water. Summer to pay more attention tank water level changes.

  ④such as prolonged use of lead shaved head gets hot, need for low temperature water in the standby mode, the best water in the tank for 2 / 3. Too little water because of the change will not achieve results.

  3, plug the power cord and foot pedal

  A, foot switch installation: do not will make the switch at the gap on right side up, align it clockwise to tighten.

  B, electrical outlets installed: one at outlet directed towards the access equipment within the meaning of the tail of a good party into a grounded three-wire single-phase power outlet installed.

  4, open the emergency stop and key, this time machine power, repeated 2-3 times the key switch, so that the water to circulate in the water when the operating handle must be less than the fuselage.

  5, until the full cycle of water, operation of the device can be carried out

  Seven, in the operation note:

  1, each boot, you must first observe the water level inside the instrument to ensure adequate water.

  2, open the key switch must be added inside the instrument intake to see the full flow of water (Note: see the column of water spray from the water inlet or water in the wave) could be the next step.

  3, if the water can not cycle, repeat the boot several times (Note: start with key switch repeatedly, not by working key) and put your gun held high, repeated several times until the water until the full circle.

  4, changing the water when adding water to the side while observing the water level to prevent Cadogan flow of water inside the instrument, the instrument internal power supply burned.

  5, changing the water, if water is not normal cycle, please refer to section 3.

  6, in the normal use of this instrument, please completely replaced every 7-10 days, pure water.

  7, the operation of this product installed with precision pistol shell, fragile laser devices, place and prevent falls when used!

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