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E light equipment maintenance guide series

No. fault failure analysis or solutions

1 No power or bad energy E to E; E to the output line or bad, or loose Leakage of E

2 to the power transistor is not installed on the good 2233, 2611

3 instruments showed good head not in contact with the skin contact surface and the skin not exposed to good

4 LCD display, go to "pre-ignition state" LCD signal short-circuit, the treatment switch bad.

5, liquid crystal display "Please release the handle switch" LCD signal short-circuit or a bad switch handle

6 LCD display apparatus without water or power cable 15V bad bad

7, temperature sensor bad 18B20; such as re-boot properly, then the two-way absorption of bad management

LCD 8 count no light or power in the integrated circuit 358, 3525 or 4094 / FET FR460, diode 10150 or motherboard bad control board 4-400B

9, no lighting equipment bald simmer plate / diode BY359 / high SCR / JW100K resistance / bad IC 3525

10 jump relay contactor auxiliary contact bad; bad simmer plate; bad LCD panel

Exchanges and contacts the lamp 11 does not pull bad simmer plate

12 LCD blue screen bad, crystal

13 LCD blue screen, buzzer alarm LCD main chip bad




The Common problem (faults) and solution with intense pulsed light(IPL) treatment

  Intense pulsed light therapy machine (using the 800W and 2000W power supply)

  1, cant light the lamp of ipl handle;

Failure analysis:

(1)ipl handpiece(ipl lamp) bad

(2) bad power supply

(3)simmer board failure

Solution: Try to replace a new ipl handle (IPL lamp), in case the problem

 is still same , replace the ipl power


  2,  no effect after treatment, the treatment energy is too low ;

  Failure analysis: (1) ipl handle used for a long time, energy consumption of ipl xenon lamp.

  (2) power supply or LCD is not working properly, the voltage of the capacitor is low.

Solution: (1) explain the situation to the customer, make the appropriate adjustments to the operating parameters, serious energy consumption of IPL xenon lamp, the longevity of ipl lamp is use up .

Need to replace a new ipl lamp or ipl handle


(2) replace the power supply or LCD.


  3, unstable energy or energy become weak gradually , and finally no light shot;

Failure analysis: (1) .

Each time a larger difference between the discharge interval,  the pulse interval is shorter.

  (2) Power , LCD control panel not work

  Solution: (1) to keep each discharge interval of 3 seconds.

(2) replace the power supply or LCD.


  4, cant turn ipl machine on ;

  Failure analysis: (1) bad power cord

  (2) Emergency switch does not bounce

  (3) key switch bad

  (4) Bad fuse (burn up fuse)

  (5) the air switch is disconnected

  Solution: (1) the replacement a new power cord

  (2) Emergency switch bounce

  (3) Replace key switch

  (4) Replace the fuse

  (5) the air switch to closed state

  5, ipl shot automatically after simmer ;

  Failure Analysis: IGBT bad

  Solution: Replace the broken IGBT or replace the power , need professional maintenance(Beijing ).

  6, counting , but no light (no ipl shot );

  Failure Analysis: LCD panel or power board bad  

  Solution: replace the power supply or LCD panel

  7, ipl handle heat

  Failure analysis: (1) there is no water flow , or no water added in the water tank

  (2) long working hours

  Solution: (1) adding water to the overflow hole, place the ipl handle on the ground, so as to make sure that the water circulation is good enough

  (2) Do not work too long. For a lot of clients , pay attention to changing the water, first water tank release 2 / 3, keep 1 / 3, re-add water to overflow hole,  rest 30-40 minutes before work.


  8, touch screen displays only half or blue screen;

  Failure Analysis: Bad LCD

  Solution: Replace LCD

  9, LCD screen blank, pump and fan working properly;

  Failure analysis: (1) LCD bad

  (2) no power supply for LCD screen

  Solution: (1) the replacement of the LCD

(2) check the cable, to ensure that the LCD's main power supply.


  10, automatic lighting(ipl lamp light automatically );

  Failure analysis: (1) LCD bad

Solution: (2) the replacement of the LCD


  11, showing no water circulation or no water;

  Failure analysis: (1) bad water pump

  (2) the short circuit for water probe

  (3) LCD panel bad or power supply bad

Solution: (1) take out the ipl handle, if there is flowing out, indicating that the pump normally, if there is no water in the ipl handle . water pump bad,

You can also hear the sound of water flow on the ipl handle when you turn on machine

  (2) connect water probe well.

(3) the replacement of the LCD panel or the power board


  12, ipl handle is not cooling, not shot, room temperature;

  Failure analysis: (1) switching power supply bad (12V DV switch power)

  (2) Refrigeration signal cable is not plugged in

  (3) cooling chip bad

  Solution: (1) the replacement of switching power supply

  (2) connect the refrigeration signal cable well.



Common problem (faults)and solutions for laser treatment

  1, laser lamp simmer ok , can shot laser, but without focus.

  Reasons: (1) Laser rod leakage

  (2) front mirror was breakdown. The Front and back tips of the focusing mirror was opposite .

  (3) laser handle burn up,

  (4) un-focus  

  Solution: (1) replace laser rods

  (2) Replace the front mirror, adjust the the positive and negative of focusing mirror  

  (3) replace the gun

(4) dimming


  2, laser lamp light, but no shot

  Reasons: (1) does not count, no shot

  (2) counting , not shot

  Solution: (1) the replacement of foot switch

  (2) replacement power supply or LCD

  3, ipl lamp cant light

  Reasons: (1) The lamp is broken or the power supply is broken

  (2) bad LCD panel

  Solution: (1) when you simmer, if hearing the sound of pa  pa pa, the lamp is broken, replace the lamp ; if not , it is a problem with power supply

(2) the replacement of the LCD panel


  4, cant turn on laser machine

  Reasons: (1) broken power cord

  (2) The emergency switch does not bounce

  (3) emergency switch or key switch broken

  (4) broken laser power supply

  (5) burn up fuse

  Solution: (1) the replacement power cord

  (2) the emergency switch bounce

  (3) replacement of the emergency or key switch

  (4) replace the power

(5) Replace the fuse


  5, no display after turn on laser machine, but the water pump work

  Reasons: (1) broken fuse for laser power

  (2) LCD bad

  (3) cable disconnected

  (4) broken power supply

  Solution: (1) Replacement Power fuse

  (2) the replacement of the LCD panel

  (3) Check the cable connecting well or not

  (4) maintenance for power

  6, turn on laser machine properly, the water does not flow

  Reasons: (1) there are air in the water pipes(water tube)

(2) bad water pump


  Solution: (1) hold up the laser handle (more than machine ), and then lower (less than machine); repeatedly turn on and off machine ;

  (2) replace the water pump

  7 laser handle leakage

  Reasons: (1) long time working,  

  (2) the laser lamp and laser rod broken


  Solution: (1) shorter working hours

  (2) the replacement of laser lamps or the laser rod


  8, shot automatically after the laser lamp simmer successfully

  Reasons: (1) the footswitch broken or short circuit )

  (2) bad LCD panel

  (3) power bad

  Solution: (1) the replacement of foot switch

  (2) the replacement of the LCD panel

(3) the replacement of power


  9, the replay jump when simmer or working .

  Reasons: (1) laser lamp the wrong connect with Positive and anode,

  (2) lamp cable disconnected well

  (3) The lamp is broken

  (4) Bad power supply

  Solution: (1) exchange positive and anode position ,

  (2) Check laser lamp cable if it is connected well or not

  (3) for light

(4) maintenance of power

  • Standard:EC


    Issue Date:2009-04-17

  • Standard:Medical CE(medical beauty)


    Issue Date:2009-06-24

  • Standard:CE1023


    Issue Date:2009-07-08

    Scope/Range:RF beauty equipment

  • Standard:CE0928

    Issue Date:2009-12-08

    Scope/Range:cavitatation rf machine

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